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Discover Subsurface Composting

Low maintenance, efficient, and mess free composting that feeds the soil. Available Early 2019.

Meet Subpod

Discover Subsurface Composting

Compost to Grow Food

Subpod is designed to be embedded below ground, ideally in a raised vegetable garden, to allow easy access for maintenance and harvesting of compost. Also being positioned amongst your vegetables means you can compost and grow in the same space.

Recondition Your Soil

Think of it as a worm cafeteria. The design of the shell allows worms and microbes to move freely between the module and the surrounding garden bed, aerating the soil and spreading rich nutrients as they move throughout. In little time, the soil is reconditioned and your plants benefit from richer soil 24 hours a day.

Eliminate Pests, Mess & Odour

Below-ground composting naturally keeps the temperature stable all year round, eliminating pests, ugly odours and unsightly mess. This allows for composting in hot and humid environments, where composting would otherwise be difficult and inconsistent.

Scale to Suit Your Space

Need to compost commercial volumes of waste? No problem. The modular design allows units to connect together to expand composting capacity. Subpod systems have been successfully trialed at cafe and resort scale.

Order Subpod


We're currently producing a prototype version of Subpod™, which is a limited production run and is only available within Australia at this time. Subpod™ is due to head to manufacture in mid 2018, ready for release mid 2019. After this time, you'll be able to purchase Subpod™ here on our website. Pricing has not yet been released. Our initial product release will be shipping to Australia and the USA. 

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How It Works

Simple Installation, Simple maintenance

Step 1: Install

Embed the Subpod system into the soil of your veggie garden, with the top vents above ground. Ideally within a raised garden bed so that the top can be used as a seat.

Step 2: Fill

Fill the Subpod with healthy worms and castings, starter materials and food scraps. Leave worms for 6 days to settle in.

Step 3: Feed & Mix

Feed the Subpod twice a week with food scraps and carbon matter (i.e. leaves, shredded newspaper, grass clippings). Mix the contents with the aerator tool.

Step 4: Spread

Once the Subpod is has filled up, leave it for 10 days to be processed. Then it's time to take out some of the rich compost soil and spread it across your surrounding gardens.

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