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Turn food waste into food production. Efficient, simplified compost systems, tools and know-how to help you convert your organic waste into healthy, food-bearing soil - all within your own space. 

We design, manufacture, sell and install unique and effective compost systems, which can be integrated into food-bearing environments. We design for small spaces like balconies and cafes, to large spaces like schools and resorts.

Compost Central puts on talks, hands-on demonstrations and workshops based on principles of vermiculture (worms) and microbial composting (microbes). These events are open to all, regardless of previous experience.

Compost Central is a valuable source of information, teachings, video and audio from some of the world's most influential people, in food production, ecology and environment, and composting.

We're available for professional consultation to design and install composting solutions for residential or commercial, and for training staff and users to achieve the best with their composting efforts.

Talalla Retreat

Talalla, Sri Lanka

July - November 2017

We've been working closely with the locals and staff at Talalla to create a fully functioning and sustainable organic waste processing plant, to manage the resort's food and bio waste.

The setup includes a large format Garden Ship with Subpod™ Tropic composting units, a Worm Farm Hotel and Biochar kiln and bays.

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